Better Software Faster

What I'm doing now

I’m in Stockholm, Sweden focusing on these things:

Improving my craft 💻

Lots of fun projects at work! I’m diving deep into software engineering and product development at the moment.

Also, I’m exploring ways to build better tech products and experiences to empower people and unleash creativity. I’ll share my learnings on this website.

Writing for Continuous Matter ✍️

I’ve been thinking a lot about product development lately so I’m writing to structure my thoughts. Lots of articles in the pipeline!

Playing with AI 🤖

It’s so fun to play with AI! I’m especially into AI-assisted writing.

I think I’m a bit obsessed. At least, my friends joke about it.

In the next few decades, I believe that AI will unleash human creativity like no other piece of technology has done before. Exciting times!

Last updated: April 2023. Page inspired by Derek Sivers.